Area A, Canton Fair Complex, GuangzhouCN

August 23-25, 2024

For Exhibitor

Exhibitor Notice

Standard BoothRaw Space

The above illustration is for referrence only

Setup and Design of Standard Booth

The basic setup of the standard booth is as follows: (The facilities will be added refer to the booth area)

Setup of Standard Booth


Booth renting

Booth construction and dismantle

Wall Panel (2.5m, White)  

Company Fascia (Company name and booth number)

Furniture: One consulting table, two black leather chair, two spotlights (100W), booth carpet and a wastepaper basket      

Electric appliances: Two 100W spot lights, one 5A/220V socket(Standard:≤500W)

Daily cleaning and security

Exhibition cataloge and exhibitor breastplate

Management fee


Notes:Maximum power of power socket for a standard booth is 500w. No unauthorized lightings are allowed.

Tips for Exhibitors

1. Please fill up and seal the Booth Application Form and fax to from Organizer (Fax: 020-38283797) or send a scanned version by email to, and inform the attention by telephone. Application and Expo Catalogue will be finished on March 1 2018.

2. Exhibitor is required to pay booth fees in a full amount (or 50% as prepayment) within five business days following receipt of Booth Confirmation Letter to Guangzhou O'sade Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd, and the balance is required to be paid before March 1 2018. Invoice will be issued after full payment; payment in a full amount is required in the case that the Exhibitor submits application when the Expo is going to be opened in 30 days; Exhibitors are required to fax the bank slip to Finance Department of Guangzhou O'sade Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd 

3. All booths will be arranged by Organizer according to the principle of Earlier Application and Payment, Earlier Arrangement”. Organizer reserves the right to change booths. Exhibitor is required to pay 50% as prepayment at the specific time to preserve the participation qualification. If Exhibitor failed to pay the balance in a timely manner, such exhibitor shall be deemed to have renounced the qualification and all paid fees shall not be refunded, in which case the booth booked by such exhibitor will be cancelled by Organizer.

4. Exhibitor Manual covers important tips of the Expo, which is an instruction book prepared by Organization Committee for Exhibitors and released by Organizer.

5. Following full payment from Exhibitor, the Organizer shall send Exhibitor Representative Card by express to Exhibitor who is allowed to enter in the hall for booth preparation with such card. An exhibitor who failed to pay in a timely manner shall be deemed to have renounced to attend the Expo. Builder for special space installation is required with Authorization Letter/Agreement to register at Master Hall Construction Contractor (prepayment required), and enters or exits the hall with related access card. Exhibitor shall not infringe against any others’ intellectual property rights (patents, trademarks and copyrights), and is required with related certificates (such as certificate of incorporation, identification paper) for necessary check.

Preparations for Exhibitors before the show 

1. Advertising posting/ Customer inviting 
Post information and advertising via newspaper, magazine, network media, television and broadcast to source prospective clients. 
Invite clients by telephone, fax, email and letter and inform the clients of Expo time, venue, booth number, exhibits, prepare gifts and arrange senior reception for VIP clients 
It is great importance for Exhibitor to keep clients informed of the Expo, and Exhibitor may ask Organization for Visitor Invitation freely or provide Organizer contact information of the clients, and Organizer will notify the clients freely for Exhibitors. Visitors organized by Exhibitor will be warmly welcomed.

2. Download Exhibitor Manual (4 months before the show)
 Prepare for the Expo, such as advertising , informing clients about booth number, hotel booking, interpreter engagement, materials preparation, air ticket booking.

3. Construction drawing for special space required before April 5
 Please consult with Contractor Manager /Master Hall Construction Contractor about administrative fees, rent power supply unit and additional exhibiting facilities, Construction Permit or postponing construction time.

4. Print Expo Vehicle License, and transport exhibits
 Please consult with Expo exhibits Freight Forwarder about transportation, loading and unloading, freight, customs declaration and warehousing.

Setup Rules

1. Please refer to the basic setup and design of the standard booth, all the design and construction of standard

booths are undertaken by official appointed constructor.

2.All the booth facilities are leased properties.

3.Without prior permission, exhibitors shall not change or remove the structure of standard booth anyway, otherwise

you need to submit the decoration plans to the appointed booth constructor to

declare before March 1,2016.

4. It is not allowed to add other devices to the structure of standard booth.

5. Any independent devices and decorations (including company fascia, propaganda materials, company logo,etc.)

could not exceed the regulated height (2.5m max.) and width. Please contact the

appointed booth constructor and ask for more details.

6. Without the prior permission of constructor, exhibitors shall not add the structure of standard booth anyway,

including knocking a nail into, taping or adding any device to the wallboard, aluminum

bracket, floor and ceiling. Otherwise you shall make compensation according to original price if there is any


7. Exhibitors whose booths are in the corner could ask to open the flank wall. If the appointed constructor has not

received the written request from the exhibitors before May 1, 2018, they will take the

flank wall away independently.

8. Only if has received the written inform of the exhibitors, organizer would take a suspect that exhibitors with two or

more connected booths choose to remove the middle wall panel. Otherwise, you shall

contact the appointed constructor in written paper before May 1, 2018.

9. It is defaulted to paste or decorate any logo on the company fascia.

10. Exhibitors who need to rent extra facilities, for example, telephone, furniture, electricity and water or hire

temporary staff shall fax to appointed suppliers before March 1, 2018. All the relevant fees shall be paid before.

If the booth has nothing without delegates before 12:00 noon,June,14th, 2018, the organizer has the
right to take it use without permission and refund.