Area A, Canton Fair Complex, GuangzhouCN

August 23-25, 2024

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Exhibitor Notice

Standard BoothRaw Space

Raw Space

Raw Space Regulations

Organizers only offer the required building site to the raw space exhibitors. Exhibitors shall install the booth on their own in accordance with the regulations.


Raw space exhibitors could appoint contractor independently. The information of the appointed contractor, for example,company name, address and others need to complete in the form and send back to the Organizer (Guangzhou O’sade Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.) to get permission before June14, 2018. The Organizer has the right to refuse the contractor for any reason without explanation.

Exhibitors shall pay the construction management fee to the pavilion in advance. Or it is not permitted to construct.

Raw Space Description

1.Special space of 36 square meters 
2. It does not include any facilities. Exhibitors shall build their own booths, lay carpets and rent power supply 
3. The management fee for special installation will be charged by the exhibition hall. Please pay the management fee for special installation and declare the construction drawing according to the exhibition hall regulations

Booth Design Application

1.All the booth drawings shall send to the Organizer (Guangzhou Sade Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.) to be approved. The offered drawings ratio couldn’t less than 1:100. Meanwhile, exhibitors shall clearly mark the floor, height, facilities, color,materials, exhibition frames, audio-visual equipments, weight of the exhibits, shipping materials, etc.

2.If the booth drawings could not submit to the Organizer before the deadline, the self-designed booth would not be admitted. Instead, the official appointed constructor would build an standard booth.

3.Electrical installation drawings shall be submitted in triplicate.

4.Attention: If the raw space has not been in any progress before 15:00 pm on April 6, 2018, the appointed constructor would build the standard booth instead. The raw space exhibitor shall undertake the construction cost.

Booth Design Approval

The Organizer reserve the right to examine, modify or even refuse the construction program submitted by exhibitors and contractors.

The preparation and construction of the special designed booths shall obtain written approval from the Organizer before start constructing.

The special designed booth exhibitors shall make sure that his contractor knows the following regulations clearly.

Otherwise, the Organizer and the exhibition center may demand changes to the devices and the exhibitors shall pay for the attendant expense. 

1. Site investigation is subject to metric units. Before installation, exhibitors shall make sure that the booth site is installed according to the drawing plan issued by the Organizer. If there is any discrepancy, please contact the Organizer in time to make adjustment. Otherwise, the Organizer would take no responsibility of the error report after installation.

2.Any part of the booth is not allowed to beyond the designated area of the raw space, including the spotlights, company fascia and logo. Any device, decoration and exhibit inside the standard booth shall not higher than 3.5m (The raw space’s max height limit is 4.5m).

3.Double-storey stand regulations: According to the city provisions for fire prevention safety, only when the booth area is over 100㎡(100㎡ included) can you install the double-storey stand. The building area of the double-storey stand is limited to less than 30% ground booth area. The height must be designed to conform to the regulated height. 

(1)The load-bearing structure of the construction area must be calculated and make sure by the qualified design units.

(2) Escalator railing shall not be lower than 1.5m, handrails shall be made as curved surface to pretend falling because of the misplacement.

(3)Carrying capacity of the double-storey stand shall within the range of 500~400kg/㎡. Double-storey stand is only used to negotiate or take rest. It shall not be mainly used to display exhibits. Take strict visitors control.

(4)For the installation of double-storey stand would cover the fire sprinkler, to keep safe, the single storey booth must own suspended ABC automatic dry powder fire extinguishers of 6kg. Configure one in every 20-30㎡and so on. The luminous escape legend Emergency Exit needs to be installed over the door and the stairway of the double-storey stand. Meanwhile, enough emergency lighting shall be installed inside the booth. If the installation is out of regulation,the violators would be punished in accordance with the Fire Code.

(5)If the upper area of double-storey stand is over 10㎡ and the straight distance to the emergency exit is longer than 15m, there must least installed TWO emergency exits.

(6)Lightweight materials in semi-cover (or enclosed window dressing) shall be used to enclose the double-storey stand. It is for air circulation.

Setup Rules

1.No suspension can be made from the ceiling of the exhibition hall nor may any fixed attachment be made to the floor, walls or any other places.

2.The company fascia, company name and booth number shall be placed in prominent areas or faced to the passageway. If not, the Organizer has the right to put it in the appropriate place. The exhibitor shall pay for the attendant expense.

3. Booth structure which opens to the public (including the back side of the wall panel, space between other booth and the passageway) shall be decorated to meet the appointed standard.

4. It is prohibited to use spray paint, weld and electric saw.

5. Exhibitors shall take protective measures of the carpet and any other ground platform. All the constructing materials shall contain flame retardant and be put under security. These materials shall also conform with the exhibition, other relevant units and the Chinese government’s rules and regulations. If the exhibitors are found to violate the above regulations and fail to exhibit, exhibitors shall take the full the responsibility.    

6. Exhibitors shall be responsible for the transportation, loading and unloading and removal of their raw space.
Meanwhile, the work need to be completed according to the Organizer’s arrangement within the deadline.

7. Exhibitors shall take out the appropriate insurance. The Organizer shall not be responsible for causing all the direct or indirect damages during the on-site operations.

8. Exhibitors shall clean the installation rubbish and the rest materials before leaving.


1.Electricity supply inside the exhibition hall is only for lightning and energy supply.

2.The official appointed constructor takes responsibility of all the electrical construction, exhibitors shall pay for the fee.
Submit booth drawings and circuit diagram back to the Organizer, Guangzhou O’sade Exhibition Services Co., Ltd to be approved. Electricity supply is commonly 380V/220V/50HZ (+/-6%), - phase 5- wire system. If you need high voltage three phase power supply, remember to make reservations well ahead. Power Strip and adapter are not permitted.

3.Electricity supply, the final connected work and electrical safety inspection shall be completed by the appointed constructor. Safety inspection will be taken until all the construction and installation have been finished.

4.All the electrical devices and installed wiring shall conform to the regulations. Switches and all the power distribution lines shall be installed within the exhibition area.

5.If the design drawings are not delivered to the organizer before the deadline, the self-designed booth will not be accepted, and the designated builder will build standard booth for the exhibitors.

6.Electrical installation drawings must be submitted in triplicate. 

7.Please note: If no work has been carried out at 3:00 p.m. on 14 June 2018, a standard booth will be erected at this location at the cost of the exhibitors.