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August 23-25, 2024

Tech and Processing Equipment



China is a major producer and consumer of beer. With economy expanded and upgraded consumption level, craft beer market have been

gaining a ground and high-speed development in China.As official statistics showed, It is predicted that global craft beer market size would be
expected to reach at 844.46 billion RMB in 2028 and compound annual growth rate at 11.5%. Such a strong market potential and huge
developing opportunity would be a cradle for many new-born enterprises to their further development.

Held at the same time with Guangzhou Exposition, Brought together 63,000 professional visitors from more than 20 countries and launched
thousands of latest products, BLFA Craft Beer Exhibition is a professional Exhibition under the FLCEAsia, focusing on brewing raw material,
processing technology equipment, terminal consumption platform.During the exhibition, several Craft Brew-Professional Summits, craft
brew cultural festival, buyers clubs, tasting events, technology seminars and product launches would be held on BLFA, which consistently
provides and welcomes new vitality and opportunities to the industry.


Liquid food processing technology and equipment:
Raw material treatment malt preparation Saccharification fermentation distillation purification filtration separation yeast management beer craft
Mixing sterilization, extraction, pulping, pulping, high temperature sterilization, degassing, deoxygenating, homogeneous emulsification
Special technology and equipment for liquid food processing, such as wine, beverage, liquid milk and products, edible oil, liquid condiments, etc

Liquid food packaging technology and equipment:

Casting mold making blow container cleaning filling sealing
Packaging testing labeling sleeve marking code coding heat shrink packaging
Carton packing box unloading box unloading palletizing palletizing film winding
Liquid packaging complete system, testing equipment

Supporting technology, supporting materials, supporting parts:

Chain plate conveyor system Raw water treatment heat exchange CIP system sterile environment energy saving and environmental protection
On-line testing instrument intelligent software control system information technology experimental instrument
Tunnel sterilization filtration separation filter element filter screen pressure vessel
Lye recycling carbon dioxide recycling heat recycling biogas recycling
Plastic rubber nylon products
Draft beer dispenser

General technical equipment parts:

Automatic refrigeration heating air compression equipment
Pump valve tube parts Hydraulic parts pneumatic parts motor reducer
Metal working chemical adhesives Spray cleaning and disinfection preparations
Measuring instrument Analytical instrument Measuring instrument Recorder sensor

Packaging container:

Bottle can bucket box bag cover plug
Label box pallet film

Raw materials and auxiliary materials:

Ingredient additive enzyme stabilizer
Hops and their products yeast barley and malt

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